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Bespoke Strength Training for Runners

Perfect for high performance and recreational runners, and multi sport athletes. This semi-private training program is just what you need for performance, injury rehabilitation & injury prevention!

Who will this program suit:

Road Runners

Beginners to Ultra Runners

Hiking Trail
Trail Runners

Be prepared for any terrain

Sprint Runner
Track Athletes

Youth to masters athletes

Runner From Above

Prevent heavy legs on the final leg

Child Physiotherapy
Injured Runners

Current injury rehabilitation or injury prevention

What will my Bespoke Running Strength Program involve??


Before we write your program, we will perform a running mechanics, strength & mobility assessment


2x semi-private strength & conditioning sessions per week, training along 2-3 other like minded runners


We will perform the running, strength & mobility assessments again to monitor improvement & make recommendations


What Training Methods do you use??

  • We will customise your program based on the results of your running mechanics, strength and mobility assessment

  • Your program may include:

    • Mobility

    • Resistance bands

    • Free weights​

    • Running mechanics drills 

    • Homework

When will I train? 

You can book in to any time that suits you, no need to do the same time each week! 

How much will it cost:


With a total value of $1078, this program is great value at $115/ week (incl GST)


Want to join us?? Book your initial consultation:

Got more Questions?

Thanks! Message sent.

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