Teens Functional Training

Term two starts 26 April 2022!

The Sydney Performance Lab teens functional strength program is developed for pre-teens and teens 11+. Based off the results of head coach, Claire's PhD, this program utilises  age- and development-appropriate resistance training to enhance sports performance, engagement in physical activity and support growth and development throughout the crucial teenage years.

The transition from primary school to high school, and high school to young adult hood, sees the largest dropout from physical activity of any age group. Research shows, that empowering teens with movement awareness and movement competency increases the likelihood of a lifetime of habitual physical activity.  

Who will this program suit:

The non-engager

Those not remotely interested in competitive sport and/or physical activity

The participator

Those who love sports & physical activity, but may need help with coordination/fitness/strength

The injury prone

Those who love their sport, but may spend more time on the sidelines due to injury

The mini-athlete

Those who are playing a high level of sport, but need an extra performance boost, or prevention of injuries

Around the start of maturation, a child's bones will grow faster than their connective tissues such as muscles, tendons and ligaments. At this time, you may notice that they lose coordination, strength and power, and may be more susceptible to injuries such as severs, osgood schlatters, and other joint injuries. It takes the keen eye of a coach, parent, teacher or strength and conditioning expert to notice this change, adapt and perhaps take the individual back to basics. Skills they had once mastered, may now be very hard, and movement will be compromised.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Training Methods do you use??

  • We will customise their program based on the results of a pre-screening

  • The program may include:

    • Mobility/ Flexibility

    • Resistance bands

    • Body weight exercises

    • Free weights​

    • Running mechanics drills 

    • Homework


How many kids in the class?


Classes are limited to 4-5 participants. This means your child can get the maximum attention with their individualised program.

How are classes structured?


Most classes will be structured in a similar way:

  1. Group movement warm up - this may include mobility and activation exercises

  2. Individual movement program: ​​

  • When you sign up, you will be sent a brief questionnaire where you will answer some questions about your child's physical activity history, injury history and current activities

  • In week one we will conduct some quick and easy movement assessments to determine your child's needs

  • With this knowledge, we will design an individualised program fo your child.​

  • At the end of the term, and throughout the program we may revisit the initial assessment to assess improvement 

   3.  ​We will finish with a group challenge, cool down and stretch. 

Are the classes graded by ability?

No. We believe that kids of all ability can learn from each other. With the individualised approach to the session, your child will receive a challenging but achievable program. 

How much does it cost? 

There are a few options available depending on how many sessions you'd like to do, and whether you are a runner with our outdoor partner, North Shore Running & Outdoor Fitness:



Do you accept active kids vouchers? 

Yes! Please get in touch and we can process this for you.

1 session/week

​$230 (incl GST)

for 10 week term

2 sessions/week

​$390 (incl GST)

for 10 week term

Schedule & Enrol:


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