If you're injured, dealing with a chronic condition, wanting to re-enter exercise or a training program after a break or injury or you know you need to exercise for health but just don't know how to get started...then our accredited exercise physiologists can hep you get moving! Check out our services below, book a consultation or give us a call to find out how we can help!


If you've been diagnosed with an injury, whether acute or chronic, come and see our exercise physiologists who can help you get back into better shape than before! 

Or maybe you want to be ahead of the game and be assessed for injury risk before starting a physical activity or training program! 

Either way, our experts will have you in peak condition for your daily activities or training schedule!

Personal Trainer Stretching Session


Exercise as medicine. We can use exercise therapy to help easy the side effects and symptoms of many chronic conditions such as:

  • obesity

  • cardiovascular disease

  • diabetes

  • osteoporosis and arthritis

  • mental health conditions

  • cancer and cancer treatment recovery

  • chronic pain and fatigue

  • post-surgical rehabilitation (ACL reconstruction, hip/knee replacement)

  • neuromuscular exercise therapy (multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease)

  • pulmonary disease and more

Personal Trainer


  • Movement Screen

  • Injury risk assessment

  • Return to sport/activity assessment

  • Balance assessment

  • Walking gait analysis

  • Sports readiness

  • Work readiness

Crossfit Class


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Don’t wait any longer — you can start getting back to your optimal condition right away! At Sydney Performance Lab we don't believe you'll need our exercise physiologists forever, their mission is to get you back to exercise, training or racing as soon as possible! Drop in for a free health screen and decide whether exercise physiology is right for you. We look forward to meeting you soon!


$120 (Incl GST)

60 minutes

Your initial consultation may include:

  • Discuss exercise and medical history

  • Health screen: blood pressure, body composition, heart rate, lung capacity, or blood chemistry

  • Exercise tests: aerobic fitness, strength, power, balance, mobility or sport/work specific assessments

  • Establish goals & targets for program  development & progression


$99 (Incl GST)

60 minutes

Following your initial consultation, your exercise physiologist will guide you through your treatment plan which will include a safe, individualised and effective program which may or may not include homework.  

Re-assessment will occur at regular time intervals, specific to you and your program. These will allow your practitioner to modify, progress or refer on as appropriate.