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Not only will you learn a new skill and grow stronger, you’ll also build mental fortitude as you tackle personal bests.

A plethora of research identifies the benefits of increasing your strength through powerlifting training...


During weight-bearing activity, the muscles and tendons apply tension to the bones, which stimulates the bones to produce more bone tissue. As a result, bones become stronger and more dense and the risk of osteopenia, osteoporosis, and fractures decreases.


This progressive training program is centred around 3 main lifts - bench press, squat and deadlift. These compound lifts recruit the most muscle fibres which in turn releases the most hormones. With the appropriate progressive program, you will become the strongest you have ever been!

STRONGER mental health

Following a challenging, but achievable program gives you a sense of accomplishment and empowerment, as you work to achieve your strength goals and push your physical limits.

Additionally, it's a great way to relieve day-to-day stress and improve mood.

How does our program ensure these results?
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We've built you an evidence based training program which includes the 'big 3 lifts' but also targets all muscle groups that support these lifts. Variety is the spice of life! So you will be challenged in all planes of movement with enough rest and recovery built in to help avoid injury and build muscle!



We don't take a one-size fits all approach. We will help each individual set out an achievable plan of action. A plan that fits into your busy lifestyle! Whether you're new to lifting, or looking to push your PB! 



Not only have we written you a program (this is the easy part), we provide the training facility and professional coaching to guide you through the program, watch your technique, spot your lifts, and progress your program. This is not a home program,  building strength requires progressive overload which means lifting heavy!



Build your self determination by joining a program that champions individual effort in a team environment.

Accountability + community = epic results!

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We can only manage what we can measure. We're going to measure your raw strength, but if we discover additional goals along the way, then lets fit them into your program.

We aim to build strong, resilient, functional bodies!



We're not keeping secrets! We want you to walk away from this program with the knowledge to power on and continue to grow! We will be sharing tips on nutrition, training principals, injury prevention, longevity, and more!

What's involved? 
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Join us!

Join us for ten weeks of training and self development. We are dedicated to challenging you physically and mentally. All the while having fun, testing your limits and making new connections.

This program IS for you if....

  • You're looking to increase your raw strength. You may be an active gym goer, or active in another sport. But you are looking to challenge your physical strength and mental tenacity!

  • You understand that "quick fixes" don't work. This program is designed to progressively build your strength in a safe environment. It's not a quick bulking program.

  • You need someone to be accountable to. You know what to do, but without someone waiting for you to turn up, or writing you a challenging but achievable program, you're more likely to stay in your comfort zone. 

  • You're able to come to our facility at least 1/week. You are welcome to do the other training sessions at another facility, but we would like to keep an eye on you and change the program if we need to! 


  • You're willing to commit to 10 weeks of training, homework and education. 

  • You're motivated by others. Other peoples success and commitment, motivate you to improve and work hard.

Meet The Team



One of the most passionate, and  motivated strength and running coaches in Sydney! Andy will make you feel welcome and is a pro at modifying and increasing the challenge for all group members!



The mastermind and the master of the cameo! She's mainly behind the scenes leading the challenges and masterclasses. But when she pops in to coach a session, she'll make sure you remember her! 



The quiet achiever...he won't stand over you yelling, but he has a way of making you want to work as hard as your body will allow you to! He's done all the research to make sure each individual need is catered for! 

Sophie running .jpeg


The smiling assassin! Don't let her sweet, non-intimidating nature fool you! She knows how to get the most out of all her clients while keeping it friendly!

  • Can I use the gym to train without booking in with a trainer?
    Yes! Train in the gym 1, 2 or 3 sessions a week. As this is a private gym, we do require you to book in (which also increases accountability). The trainer will be there to supervise, and spot you if needed.
  • Do I need to stop my other training?
    Depends what you are training for... if building absolute strength is the goal, then some other training might affect this. If you are doing this program for a general challenge and for some fun, then it might be okay. We do have a "sporty" program option which is tailored to those who are doing cardiovascular training or team sports. Ask yourself, what's the risk vs the reward. If you're still unsure, we'd be happy to chat and help you work this out!
  • What level of fitness does this program cater for?
    We have three programs to choose from: Novice Experienced Sporty (someone using this as their strength program/challenge to support another physical endevour)
  • I need a more individualised approach. Do you offer personal training?
    Yes, we offer personal training and semi-private personal training which provides you with individualised training on a flexible schedule - you are not locked into the same time each week if that doesn't suit you! Click below to find out more!
  • I am going away during the program, will I miss out?
    No! We deliver our program through TeamBuildr, which is an app so you can take your program with you! Let us know when you are away and we can adapt your program so you can keep training!
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